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Patent-pending tool created by industry experts specifically for the oil and gas industry

A better inspection at your fingertips

MTech provides the information you need to make the right decisions in the field.

MTech is now available on Windows Mobile and web, iOS (iPad and iPhone), and Android!

MTech makes materials technology mobile.

MTech is an inspection app that programs industry recommended practices — and years of field experience — into a smart tool that identifies damage mechanisms and calculates corrosion rates according to the latest editions of API RP 571 and API RP 581 methodologies.

Developed by professionals who write the industry codes and standards, it puts SME experience in the palm of your hand. MTech’s intuitive and easy interface makes you an expert user within minutes of logging in.

Your fast track to pinpointing damage

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  • Identify possible damage mechanisms

    Quickly screen and evaluate equipment for 71 damage mechanisms.

  • Perform 581 Damage Calculations

    Calculate corrosion rates and damage susceptibilities for 27 damage mechanisms.

  • Damage Library

    Check your findings against extensive industry reference materials and photos of the most common types of damage.

  • Corrosion Loop PFDs

    Easily identify where the damage occurs in each refinery unit.

  • Inspection Recommendations

    Expert inspection and NDE recommendations are provided for each damage type.

How you can use MTech

Optimize Turnaround Planning & Management

  • Screen and review expected damage in planning for a shutdown.
  • Better anticipate damaged equipment to improve critical path planning.
  • Evaluate specific equipment concerns during the shutdown.
  • Identify what to look for and the morphology of potential damage.
  • Explain NDE methods to find damage and which NDE methods work best.

Improve Field Inspection Accuracy

  • Determine potential causes of unexpected damage during an inspection.
  • Compare measured corrosion rates against industry models.
  • Evaluate and recommend material of construction uses.
  • Identify potential damage and determine additional information required to calculate a susceptibility.
  • Calculate expected corrosion rates or damage susceptibility to demonstrate increasing resistance to damage by various materials and at different operating conditions.

Increase Productivity

  • Extensive reference information and calculators enables less experienced personnel to perform more routine evaluations without the immediate help of a materials/corrosion engineer.
  • Better educated personnel allow materials/corrosion engineers to confirm assessment conclusions and spend more time solving less common and potentially more dangerous issues.
  • Repetition of use will educate users over time.
  • Helps prepare inspectors and engineers for API 571 certification.

Calculate Corrosion/Failure Mechanism Susceptibility

  • Understand the process conditions that drive damage.
  • Calculate an expected corrosion rate for materials during an RBI review.
  • Assess possible cause of failure and comparison of expected and measured corrosion rates for operating conditions.

Conduct More Effective Damage Review Meetings

  • Evaluate material options and calculate damage rates of material of construction that can damage equipment.
  • Evaluate the expected types of damage for a new material of construction that may resolve one damage potential problem but introduce another potential damage.
  • Evaluate opportunities for modifying operating conditions to determine if materials are acceptable in new operating conditions.
  • Access extensive reference information to address materials and corrosion issues during meetings that would otherwise require actions for investigation and resolution at a later date.